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Film stills from the first act of Acts of Witness - The Dress: Daughter’s memory of her mother in the dress as she leaves for an evening out, “Bye bye.” Lisa Carswell as young mother.

Welcome to the website for Acts of Witness, a 25-minute film in three acts. This story follows Daughter’s journey with her close-knit family through the mother’s decline and death. As she travels from the first act to last, we witness the meaning Daughter receives from this most transformative of life experiences.


Acts of Witness is a film in three separate but interwoven acts, each composed in a style matched to its meaning.  The story in each act tells a different aspect of our protagonist DAUGHTER’s journey through her mother’s decline.

The first act is “The Dress,” the story of a middle-aged Daughter’s loss to dementia of her OLD MOTHER through the discovery and fleeting remembrance of a 1950’s haute couture cocktail dress.

The second act, End of the Male Narrative, So Sorry,” is on the surface a heated conversation about writing between Daughter and MADISON, a bright, young doctoral candidate in English.  Beneath the surface it questions if our inherited narratives are able any longer to provide us with meaning.

The third act, Survival of the Fittest,” charts the subterranean forces tilled up in the heart of Daughter by her mother’s passing, Daughter’s exploratory traverse with her FATHER across that mysterious territory where life meets death, and how Daughter’s passage through it all is sustained by the web of connectivity that is her family’s unrelenting try at love.

By its final act, Acts of Witness becomes a creative expression of what the first two acts have laid the groundwork for: a narrative that encourages our understanding of the challenging and continuous transformation which is the nature of life.


We shot and did an initial edit of “The Dress,the first act of our film Acts Of Witness, in late summer of 2012.

Over the winter and spring of 2013 we designed and launched this website in conjunction with our first round of fundraising which consisted of a successful Kickstarter and a direct email campaign to our community.  This provided us with an encouraging foundation of funds.

To take advantage of the momentum generated by this fundraising and to be efficient with the effort and resources it takes to gear up for production, we made the decision to shoot out the remaining two acts, “The End of the Male Narrative, So Sorry,” and “Survival of the Fittest.”

So the summer of 2013 we auditioned for our Madison, Kimberly (Op-Ed) and Sarah (Missed Stitch) to complete our cast, secured our locations, booked our crew and equipment.  Over two weeks in August we completed a five day shoot.  What an intense, rewarding and exhausting experience this was!

With all the beautifully acted, lit and shot scenes of Acts Of Witness in the can we pressed forward into post production through Fall 2013 building a rough cut.  By early Winter of 2014 we have created a finished edit and begun post production audio and soundtrack composition.