Caryn Cline and Annie Grosshans on set of “Survival of the Fittest.”

Creative Team

ANNIE GROSSHANS. Writer/Director.  Annie first wrote criticism and documentary publications for alternative visual art. At the same time she began presenting text-based performance art pieces. Then she co-founded Art In Form, an artists’ bookstore in Seattle while producing a number of video poems and art documentaries, some of which can be seem on her Vimeo page. She began in film production as a coordinator for educational videos, eventually settling into her current position as a commercial script supervisor.  As a Board member of Women In Film Seattle, Annie wrote a weblog, the MovieSalon&DiscourseParlor exploring the ongoing shift in our cultural narrative through film. Acts of Witness is one of several film scripts she’s written.

CARYN CLINE.  Producer and Cinematographer.  Caryn is a filmmaker and teacher who divides her time between New York City and Seattle. She taught media literacy and film history and was the library media specialist at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA, for fifteen years before leaving her job to pursue filmmaking. Her short films have been curated in festivals and screenings around the world, including the Czech Republic, Canada, England, Australia, India and all over the United States. You can see samples of her work on her Vimeo page.

MEG McHUTCHISON. Creative Collaborator.  MFA . Meg is a poetic instigator, creative consultant, creative producer for Gigantic Planet and principal at Hinge Experimental.  Emergence of story is a delicate flowering, which often takes years to find true form.  Acts of Witness is one of these stories.  I was privileged to walk, quite literally, with Annie as the each of the chapters of Acts of Witness took root.  With a deeply held shared interest in poetics, we circled Greenlake, and discussed how each of the chapters supported the whole. My role, as I felt it then and see it now, was to hold steady the possibility that indeed Acts of Witness would find its true flowering in film.  Annie and I collaborated on the initial website for AoW and also presented the script at an alumni workshop at a Goddard MFA-IA residency in February of 2009. Current students in the program generously offered their talents, and the exchange strengthened the script and encouraged the leap onto the path of production.